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Indoor lighting design

The Student Hotel Amsterdam

Lichtontwerp PROJECT The Student Hotel Amsterdam CLIENT The Student Hotel CATEGORY Hotel QUESTION Lobby lighting Create a lighting design for the new TSH Lobby in the flagship hotel on the Wibautstraat in Amsterdam. Take into account the available daylight, the desired ‘experience effect’ for the visitor and customer and the ‘wow’ factor that The Student […]

Gobo projections

Market Boxtel

Lichtontwerp PROJECT Markt Boxtel CLIENT Signify and APK Rasenberg CATEGORY Public space, gobo projections QUESTION Lighting market Boxtel Draw attention to the market in Boxtel, ensure tension and playfulness. RESULT Safety and overview The town hall and the market are illuminated with light programs. The gobo projections are projected onto the market, attracting the attention […]

Indoor lighting design

Showroom Autotron Exclusive Cars

Lichtontwerp PROJECT Showroom Autotron Exclusive Cars OPDRACHTGEVER Autotron Exclusive Cars CATEGORIE Company, showroom, indoor REQUEST Lighting showroom Create a lighting design for Autotron Exclusive Cars. Take into account the available daylight, the desired ‘experience effect’ for the visitor and customer and that every car deserves the same amount of attention in terms of light. The […]

Lighting design for public space

Kropholler Park

Project Project Kropholler Park Client Municipality of Waalwijk CATEGORY Public space REQUEST Lighting Kropholler Park and better connection to the center area Illuminate the Kropholler Park in Waalwijk. Improve the atmosphere experience and safety in the park with light. Reinforce the connection of the current town hall and the new regional office of Rabobank De […]

Lighting design for public space

Dutch Reformed Church Harmelen

Project Project Dutch Reformed Church Harmelen client Dutch Reformed Church Harmelen (commissioned by Signify) category Public space REQUEST Lighting for the Dutch Reformed Church Illuminate the Dutch Reformed Church. Reinforce the vision for the redesign of the Dorpsstraat and the connection of the ‘Woven Ribbon’ squares within the lighting design. RESULT Visibility We’ve increased the […]

Gobo projections


Lichtontwerp PROJECT Rijnstraat CLIENT Municipality of Woerden CATEGORY Gobo projections REQUEST Gobo’s Rijnstraat Design a set of gobos for the ‘pro flood spots’ in the Rijnstraat in Woerden. Design these gobos based on the themes welcome in Woerden, holidays, history and seasons. RESULT City marketing The gobos are in line with the history and values […]

Lighting design for public space

Grote of Catharijnekerk

Project Project Grote of Catharijnekerk Client Municipality of Heusden and Church Board Grote of Catharijnekerk Category Outside REQUEST Lighting for the Grote of Catharijnekerk Create an aesthetic lighting design for the outside of the Grote of Catharijnekerk. RESULT Visibility The visibility of the church has been improved by lighting the entrance and the facades. As […]

Outdoor lighting design

Beekse Bergen Safari Resort

Lichtontwerp PROJECT Beekse Bergen Safari Resort CLIENT Safariresort Beekse Bergen, Libéma CATEGORY Outside REQUEST Safariresort Beekse Bergen, Libéma Customize our lighting design for the Safari Resort. Pay special attention to the area where the animals walk. A moonlight effect is desired. In addition, make a lighting design for the entrance building and the surrounding area. […]

Outdoor lighting design

Branding Kennedy Tower

Lichtontwerp PROJECT Branding Kennedy Tower CLIENT HERE Technologies CATEGORY Outdoor Request Lighting Kennedy Tower Create a lighting design for the facade of our office (Kennedytoren, Eindhoven) to enhance our branding. RESULT Branding We placed an illuminated HERE Technologies logo between the two glass facades of the building to enhance the HERE Technologies branding. The large […]

Outdoor lighting design

Rabobank De Langstraat

Municipality of Waalwijk

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