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Lighting Design

Kropholler Park


Kropholler Park


Municipality of Waalwijk


Public space


Lighting Kropholler Park and better connection to the center area

Illuminate the Kropholler Park in Waalwijk. Improve the atmosphere experience and safety in the park with light. Reinforce the connection of the current town hall and the new regional office of Rabobank De Langstraat with the city center area.


Safety and overview

  • The lighting design provides basic lighting that, for safety reasons, remains on during the night.
  • Both the gate that gives access to the Kropholler Park and the Bodehuisje are lit from the ground, so that they stand out as a ‘beacon’ of the area.
  • The buildings, the tower and objects (such as benches) in the park are subtly lit.

Atmosphere and image

  • Lighting all entrances and exits of the park creates a (partially) illuminated route from Winterdijk to Raadhuisplein and vice versa.
  • The use of wall fixtures ensures a soft transition from square to park.
  • The use of neutral white light and warm white light creates a play of light between ‘silver’ and ‘gold’.

Durability and comfort

  • Where possible, masts and fixtures have been reused.

  • Illumination switches off at midnight. For safety reasons, only the functional lighting remains on. The lighting design is made with LED, which has a long lifespan and low energy consumption.

  • The memorial stone is warmly lit. The work of art is theatrically lit. This provides a nice contrast.



less burglary and theft and increased feeling of safety on the street



fully equipped with energy-efficient LED fixtures


attracts visitors and investors to the Krophollerpark


A picture is worth a thousand words


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