Arjen van der Cruijsen Lichtontwerp

Lighting design for indoor, outdoor, public space and gobo projections.

Arjen van der Cruijsen Lighting design provides good light for government and companies.

We design according to our philosophy:

light is about you. It lets you see, look and marvel.

Your wishes and objectives are our starting point.

You are central to the lighting designs

Do you need good lighting for your office, catering business or shop? Do you want to make a traffic intersection safer? Or make a square or shopping area more noticeable in the streetscape? We arrange it in a way that suits your company or municipality.

We take into account your budget and your goals in the field of safety, health, sustainability and marketing. Our lighting radiates who you are and ensures that you are seen the way you want. In this way you stimulate visitors, customers and passers-by to look at your building or public space in a new way.

The best people for your project & brand independent

We ensure the correct implementation of your lighting design by carefully selecting light suppliers, guiding the entire implementation process and unburdening you. In our network we find the best people for your project.

We work brand-independently. This has many advantages for you. This way you always get independent advice, based on what you need instead of commerce. We are part of your team and ensure the cheapest purchase price and sharpest quotes. This is how we realize the best lighting solution for you.

De beste mensen werken aan jouw lichtproject

Sustainable and budget

Good light is sustainable and cost-efficient. We are happy to think along with you to achieve the climate objectives and to be cheaper in the long term. For example, we take into account the purchase costs, energy consumption and maintenance. And did you know that you often achieve the same safety standards with lower light levels?

We work according to scientific insight

We design according to the latest scientific insights, newest lighting techniques and most sustainable solutions. For example, we focus on the well-being of people with the lighting concept of human centric lighting. We use daylight as much as possible and only use artificial light where necessary.

Good light has been proven essential for your health, mood and cognitive performance. This way your employees and customers function optimally. At the same time, you save money and the environment.

Arjen van der Cruijsen

Lighting designer | Rebel | Father of 4 | Fanatic swimmer | Open | Honest | Ambitious

“More and more people are aware of the contribution of light to the health of people and the environment. Our profession is becoming more and more indispensable.”

Typical Arjen

A bit rebellious, with a terrible dislike of herd behavior and obvious things. Copy and paste? A water glass with ‘water’ written on it? Not so. Arjen is looking for originality.



His fascination for light starts at an early age. At the age of 5 he is already playing with light. That starts with the local bicycle repair shop’s lights, which he then colors with paint, for example, to turn into Christmas lights.


Once in the position of project manager at Philips Lighting, the penny drops.



He wants to be much more on the creative side. He takes a leap of faith: resigns, goes to Madrid for the Master of Light Architecture at the Polytechnic university and at the same time starts Arjen van der Cruijsen Lighting design.

Fascination for the effects of light on people and the environment is what drives Arjen. Creating beautiful lighting designs that create amazement and a smile.

Licht draait om jou


Light is the source of all life. 

We evolved with sunlight. But in the last century we have lost the connection with light and nature. We are indoors 90% of the time, with 10 times too little light during the day, 10 times too much light in the evening. Not good for our health. That has to be different. More daylight and healthy electric light is indispensable.


‘Light revolves around you’. That is the first part of our philosophy. People and the environment are central to our lighting designs.

The second part of our philosophy – ‘It lets you see, look and wonder’ – is also our method. It is the layers that we apply in light. ‘Seeing’ is about functionality, light for task and safety. ‘Looking’ is about the lines of sight, what you want to show. But also how you show that, your style. The ‘Amazing’ layer responds to emotion, a special light effect provides depth and memory.

The team; flexible. Passionate. Professional. No sheep.

Besides Arjen, Arjen van der Cruijsen Lichtontwerp consists of a team composed on a project basis.

All team members are specialists and enthusiastic about what they do. Cats, not sheep. Cats find their own path, are stubborn, sheep can be herded. (a quote from Richard Brandson).


They are team players, but more importantly they have passion for their own part. And an intrinsic motivation to make something beautiful out of it. We are cost efficient by working with project teams. We deploy what is needed. We have a flexible shell from which we put together a team with the required qualities for each project.


That way we don’t have unnecessary overhead. You don’t have to pay anything extra. We are fast and scalable. We have double roles. We can continue and are not tied to a certain capacity.

We can help you with lighting design for indoor, outdoor, public space and gobo projections.

Whether you are a municipality, company or private individual.


We are happy to sit down with you to see who you are and how we can translate your idea into light.


Let's make a quick call and you'll know in 15 minutes.