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Indoor lighting design

More atmosphere, safety and attraction

Light provides atmosphere, overview, safety and supports your marketing goals. Convey your message with light and draw the attention of visitors to the right place, department or products.


Studies show that good quality light ensures that we function optimally and feel comfortable in the office, in the store, in the restaurant or in the production environment.

The well-being of people is central

Human centric lighting is the answer. This is a lighting concept that focuses on human well-being based on the latest scientific insights. The available daylight is optimally used and supplemented with artificial light.

The involvement of a professional lighting designer ensures the right balance between appeal, aesthetics, durability and cost-effectiveness.

Satisfied customers and employees

The right appearance, appeal and atmosphere for your organization. Optimal working conditions for health, safety and productivity. Increased employee satisfaction, less absence, errors and accidents.


Good light is sustainable, energy-efficient and cost efficient, so that you contribute to achieving the climate goals.

safe & sustainable

+ 2%

less chance of errors and accidents and good for people and the environment

optimal performance

+ 4,5%

higher productivity and higher satisfaction of office and production employees

atmosphere & turnover

≥ 50%

contribution to the atmosphere and a positive contribution to a successful sale


What clients say about our
lighting design.


How we add perfect lighting to your world.



Your wishes and ambitions are our starting point. Together we formulate the objectives. And if desired, we hold a survey among users to get their preferences out.

We record the current situation. Quantitative by measuring, qualitative by a user survey.

We inventory the space, size of the project, challenges and opportunities. Is there a schedule of requirements? And what is the budget and timing?



With the information collected and any additional research into lighting solutions, we sketch the first design ideas and create a mood board. In addition, we determine the guidelines and design rules to be used. Together this forms the lighting concept; the basis for the lighting design.

This shows the essence of the lighting design. We create a visual representation with the light effects, points, and colors. In 2D or 3D. With both a proposal for the luminaires and a budgetary cost estimate. After discussing the preliminary design, we will include comments, feedback and additional wishes in the final design.

We detail the lighting design for each space or room. This elaboration consists of: lighting calculations, drawings, plans, system diagrams, a list of materials and a detailed cost estimate.



From different scenes, control via interactive software or scripting, to gobo projections and video content. We create everything necessary for optimal control of the lighting installation.

We support the implementation of the project where necessary. For example, we are the point of contact for the architect and the installer and we provide purchasing advice to guarantee the best price and quality. We also support the installer in commissioning the lighting.

We meten direct na oplevering, na 1 jaar en/of periodiek. Kwantitatief en kwalitatief. Resultaten leveren we aan in een helder rapport.


Get to know us and discover how we can optimally illuminate your world. In a sustainable and cost efficient way.