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Lighting Design

Beekse Bergen Safari Resort


Beekse Bergen Safari Resort


Safariresort Beekse Bergen, Libéma



Verlichting op Safaripark Beekse Bergen


Safariresort Beekse Bergen, Libéma

Customize our lighting design for the Safari Resort. Pay special attention to the area where the animals walk. A moonlight effect is desired. In addition, make a lighting design for the entrance building and the surrounding area. Make sure that the entrance building stands out more and accentuates the central function in the park. Match both designs to the African theme of the park.


Visibility and Marketing

  • Attention is drawn to the entrance of the building by ‘funneling’ it with light, as it were.

  • The lighting of the trees at the front and the right side of the building creates an atmospheric effect.

  • By placing uplights at the bottom between the trees, the trees are sculpturally illuminated. The trees turn into beacons and landmarks.

Sustainability and well-being

  • The welfare of the animals is paramount. That is why low light levels and warm light colors have been used.

  • The lighting is switched on at sunset and can be switched off during the night. The lighting design is made with LED, which has a long lifespan and low energy consumption.


  • The moonlight effect is created by illuminating various locations in the park from above. The light sources are hidden as much as possible so that you see the light effect but not the light source. The light effect is visible from sunset, the color of the light gradually changes from red, to purple to blue light.

  • At the rear of the entrance building is a terrace where light simulates an African sunset. This gives a warm summer atmosphere throughout the year. Intense colors sweep over the rear facade. Gradually, imperceptibly, changing from yellow to orange, red and purple.

a surprising atmosphere in the evening



fully equipped with energy-efficient LED fixtures


attracts visitors to the resort

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Safari resort Beekse Bergen, Libéma


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