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Rabobank De Langstraat


Rabobank De Langstraat


Rabobank De Langstraat



Rabobank De Langstraat wordt mooi blauw verlicht aan de hand van een goed lichtplan


Lighting for the new BREEAM compliant regional office.

Make a lighting design for the new regional office of Rabobank De Langstraat. Focus on the internal and external aesthetic lighting. Make sure that the aesthetic lighting matches the architecture and the functional lighting. The lighting must comply with BREEAM certification.


Safety and overview

  • The regional office is more visible due to good indoor and outdoor lighting.

  • Security around the building has increased.

City marketing

  • The color wet blue (the color of chrome-tanned leather) has been used in lighting as a link with the rich history and still thriving shoe and leather industry in Waalwijk.

  • The outside of the building is evenly lit in the color wet blue.

  • The light effects fit in well with the light route in the city.


  • The wet blue light elements inside gradually change color over a number of hours. This change shows the different color variations of tanned leather.

  • Depending on the weather, you perceive the color change differently. The shorter the days, the longer you can see the light. Therefore, only on December 21, the shortest day of the year, you can see the entire change of the light elements.


less burglary and theft, increased feeling of safety on the street



BREEAM score for this new construction project


 attracts attention because the light is dynamic and changes over time

Client review

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