Arjen van der Cruijsen Lichtontwerp

Wet Blue – Permanent Light Route – Waalwijk

Wet Blue brings the cultural identity of Waalwijk to life. The project includes a light route and is closely linked to the history of the leather and shoe industry in Waalwijk. Animal skins got the color wet blue by tanning with the help of chrome. Now this light blue color connects the buildings and objects with light and thus makes the culture and history of the city visible.


The aim of the light route is to make the city center even more attractive for residents, visitors and investors and to contribute to the prevention of vacant retail properties. The light route consists of more than fifteen locations and many enthusiastic citizens and local entrepreneurs participate.


With the help of an incentive fund, participants with both a small and large financial budget can participate. Waalwijk is a city you can be proud of and where everyone can participate. The carefully coordinated public lighting also promotes the well-being and comfort of residents and increases safety on the street. A good example is the specially developed Waalwijk Royal Leather, a street lighting luminaire that creates a warm and friendly atmosphere.


The light route not only makes the public space attractive and safe, but also illuminates cultural heritage in the city. The streets and squares of the center are turning into attractions where visitors can easily find their way.


The Wet Blue route was started at the initiative of Arjen van der Cruijsen Lichtontwerp in collaboration with the municipality of Waalwijk. The Rabobank incentive fund and the efforts of the center management and of course the many enthusiastic residents of the city contributed to the success. The light route is now part of the city’s multi-year plan.

About the author
Arjen van der Cruijsen has been working as a lighting designer since 2012. Before that, he completed a Masters in Architectural Lighting Design at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. He designs light for companies, governments and private individuals based on the latest techniques and insights. He does this according to the philosophy: Light is about  around you. It makes you see, be seen and wonder.

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